Stupidity has no color

America used to be a symbol of the freedom and opportunities.

I would expect such an attitude especially during Covid19 pandemic.

I’m watching the TV news and what I see?

The protests and riots has dominated the whole country. I’m able to understand the protests against the police brutality, but I can not understand the community acceptance for robbing and looting.

But lets start from the beginning.

I totally agree with the no acceptance of the killing people – especially in the name of the law, what happened to the George Floyd. The peaceful march gives the strong signal that this kind of behavior will not be accepted – that’s the way the democratic society can express its opinion.

However the looting and destroying everything on the way is simple stupid!!!

That proves that most of the protesting persons does not care about any ideology, law or society rules – they see opportunity to make some mess and steal some goods – under cover of the slogan “Black live matter”.

Shouldn’t this banner say “every live matter”? Saying that only black live matter is clear message, that all other nations are less important – Asian, Latin, white – not important now.

From my perspective, all fosters of this banner are racists! There is no doubts the only boundary-breaking message in this case must sound “All live matter”, all other builds the borders even stronger.

Covid19 does not care about the skin color – it should be another reason to connect people not split.

America is an example for many nations around the world – including myself. Example of the country, where skin color does no matter, where nobody is looking on each other, where everyone can feel like at home. Please give me a chance to keep this picture in my mind – as I`m going to come over again and don’t want to be disappointed.

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