What does “America Sexy” mean

Why America seems to be sexy for foreigners ?

What does it mean ? Sounds like another advertising banner for the porn site.

I associate the “sexy” word with something mysterious, a little bit wild, not obvious and exciting. My first trip to United States was exactly like this. It was like young boy dream come true.

Most of the people living outside the “America” build their overview based on the movies. “Miami Vice” or “Baywatch” were the showcase of the country, which was a dream for many.

Obviously we all have seen the other side of the coin – movies like “Streets of Philadelphia” and “Dangerous Minds” which shows some dark face of the US. But it made our picture even stronger and more realistic – everything was different than in our neighborhood. The best music, the biggest movie production, the most important cultural awards – everything was on the other ocean cost – so it was unreachable in the easy way – It was Sexy !
So the confrontation of the picture in my head against the reality was extremely exciting.

Was this experience like disappointment ?

No. It was not a disappointment.

I was grown person and realized, that the movies are not a real life and America is changing pretty fast. The Europe was changing as well – so the gap was smaller than I expected. But in real, “America is sexy” !

That’s my point – huge cities, the contrasts You can see almost everywhere, people from all continents walking some direction on the street, restaurants providing all kind of food and the very polite people – all this confirms the picture I have build. American people are so different than any other nation, so friendly and open minded – it will always surprise foreigners.

The way of thinking is the biggest difference – it shown me that there is only one country where people born free and whole systems confirms it on the each stage of their life.

I can recommend everyone this kind of experience – go there, meet a people, and realize that America is Sexy – is free, open and sometimes really hot ! 🙂


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