Covid19 – Harvester of Sorrow

For several months we all are facing unbelievable worldwide paralysis, which hits my “Sexy America” as well. It does not matter If we are convinced that covid19 is so dangerous as media says, or not – we are all impacted. Our governments implemented some restrictions, self-quarantine, social distancing policy etc. All this stuff has significant impact to everyone.

But I’m not going to talk about covid19 itself. A couple days ago I have seen in the TV news picture which stuck in my memory, but about that later on…

One of the most surprising place I have seen in America was – Las Vegas! It’s all America in the nutshell – everything I was looking for in this country just in one place. Crowded streets, music, people partying everywhere, lights and the surrounding feeling that something amazing will happen and finally casinos… thousands of people, some are just playing, some are trying to change their life, others bet everything on one card – but all have one feeling – hope. Everyone has this feeling in the back of the head – “maybe this is that day, maybe it’s my turn”, they all hope…

Las Vegas – Caesars Palace Casino

The picture I mentioned a few lines above was hopeless – it was dead Vegas – without people, closed bars, casinos, hotels – no single person on the street. It was so destructive for me, that I have to share my feelings with You about that.

At that moment I realized that obviously so many people has lost chance for entertainment and spending nice time in very special place, probably some wild marriage did not take place, somebody did not win huge amount of money and other one did not loose everything but I was focused on something else – how many persons does have a job in Vegas? What are they doing now ? How long they will survive in Vegas without job, without tourists and all “adult” business stopped. How will this entertainment machine start up again ?

Quick research in the Internet shows, that there is above 1 billion employees ! How many of them has lost a job ? The estimation says that around 200 thousands. That amount of people is like a town in Europe.

Covid19 went trough Vegas like Harvester of sorrow – such a huge mechanism has been stopped by something we can not even see.

As I have seen in the News, the casinos, hotels and restaurants are reopened with some restrictions, but I’m wondering when this magic place will be the entertainment centre of the world like it was prior disputable pandemic mess…


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