SpaceX – American dream reloaded

Does America need company like SpaceX ?

Most of You would answer – obviously yes !

The Elon’s crew are doing fantastic job, and the business is going well, created so many jobs etc. But I’m going to focus on completely different dimension of this phenomenon.

The space exploration seems to slow down last few years. In this competition the top players has achieved some successes and it seems that the pressure has been relaxed. Everyone knows who the player is: China, India, Europe Union and obviously United States. But manned spaceflights became less popular – and we need take into consideration that launching human into the space is extremely expensive and always involves some risk. At a time where the worldwide financial systems seems to be tight, none governments whats to take this costs on the shoulders including the bonus-pack in the form of risk.

At this stage appears the crazy guy, who says, that space launching does not have to be so expensive, and current solutions are wasting a lot of money due to one time used components. His idea was to reuse the most expensive launching rocket parts – so easy…

Falcon heavy

So SpaceX become a NASA partner and the first private company who provides such a services for the most important space flight player.
On 30th May we have faced another spectacular event – the first manned spaceflight realized by the Elon’s company.

Lets stop on this event for a moment – what exactly happened on 30th May 2020 ? Except the fact, that it was first launch of human from USA since 10 years, performed by the private company it was a symbol ! Symbol of the America.Sexy ! There was a guy who’s dream (or rather his objective) was to do something really important for humanity – Elon Musk. He has shown that “American Dream” is still alive – everything is possible !

I think that this fact is more important than all scientific and engineering achievements related to this event. Waking up the motto that “America is the country of the possibilities” may convince many outstanding persons to take their chance. That’s the power of United States – everyone can take his chance!!!

Of course Elon is not an ordinary person – extremely motivated, with clear objectives and plans, he is the man who must achieve what he wants to.
But his posture is 100 times stronger than all “business/behavior/sales/etc coaches” – he has sent the message to the whole world: “If You wants to dreams come true – the only country where its possible is America.Sexy’.

Never give up and take Your chance !


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