What does LGBT mean to You ?

To me LGBT means exactly nothing.

It’s just a couple of characters – that’s it.

Everyone who is looking for any hidden meaning or says that “LGBT matters” becames the politic and confirms that it’s ideology.

Basically focusing on the symbols or discussion If it’s ideology or not does not help anyone.

This kind of approach omits the point.

So what the point is ?

The point seems to be pretty obvious – people

Is it really necessary to rank people by skin color, sex or sexual orientation ?

Is it still possible in current world just to see person, without all labels like “lesbian”, “white”, “hetero”, “black” ?

Shouldn’t we drop any classification’s and treat everyone like humans – nothing less and nothing more, just humans.

Generally it’s frustrating that today a lot of people have fun with making noise and mess in the name on anything.

Those noise “generators” does not depend on sex nor race – it’s type of character.

Any commercially attractive subject is a good moment to be a little bit against the system – actually the protest motto does not matter for them.

In my opinion, real lesbians or gays does not care about whole LGBT symbolic war, because they do not feel differently – so there is nothing to fight for.

Mankind should focus on less fighting and more on important cases for the entire planet.

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We have much more serious problems which touch all of us independently of nation, religion or part of world we live in.

Unfortunately it seems that as the humans we have lost the possibility of learning on our own experiences. Currently we are still facing the global covid19 pandemic what should bring everyone together – what has actually happen for a while but this subject has become quite ordinary – is no longer shocking enough.

So we need something what can appear on the first newspapers pages.

It is serious mission for all media – to promote the friendship posture and border removal rather than putting the oxygen to the fire they used to do.

So let’s remove the labels from everyone who surrounds us, let’s see persons we like or don’t like. Make a friendship with good persons and do not with bad ones.

Is it really interesting for everyone who are You sleeping with ?


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